How to Optimize Windows 10 Laptop for Music production using Ableton

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(Last Updated On: September 12, 2019)

So you found your perfect laptop for Music production for using with Ableton. Let’s check out what you can do to make sure that your PC /laptop performs well.

How to make Ableton run faster?

Please check below steps to find out how to make Ableton run faster in windows 10


  • Set Realtime priority for Ableton
  • Enable High-Performance mode
  • Disable Windows Firewall and anti-virus
  • Optimize Startup programs
  • Disable windows Visual effects
  • Adjust the background apps in Windows 10

Set Realtime priority for Ableton

Every process in Windows get a priority and the resources are allocated by windows automatically. This is usually set to ‘Normal’ automatically to programs.

Type of process priority in windows

  • Realtime **- the highest level of priority
  • High
  • Above normal
  • Normal – The default for normal programs
  • Below normal
  • Low

How to set Ableton to Realtime Priority?

While Ableton is running, open task manager . Right-click on the ‘Ableton’ and select expand and then

From there right click on ‘Ableton’ again and set priority >Realtime

That’s it. By doing this window’s will make sure that Ableton will have all the best available resources available at any moment in time.

Give the Ableton process to ‘Realtime’ priority

Enable High-Performance mode

If you are not on the move and conserving battery is not an issue, make sure that your laptop power settings are set to high-performance mode. As it will help Ableton to squeeze out maximum performance from your high-end processor, RAM, etc. To do that go to ‘control panel >power options’ and select ‘High performance’

Disable Windows Firewall and anti-virus

I know this sound absurd and goes against the security advise you got from everyone. But the firewall and antivirus software take a lot of system resources and also can block certain features of Ableton and it will affect Ableton’s performance. Just make sure you don’t click on any unknown links and possibility, not to the internet or connect any unknown USB/CD during your production sessions and you will be fine security-wise. And always make sure you have a backup.

How to disable Firewall and Antivirus

For disabling the firewall, go to ‘control panel>System and Security >Windows Defender firewall’ and click on ‘Windows Defender Firewall on or off’

Disable Windows 10 Firewall

Disabling Antivirus, it differs based on the anti-virus you are using. Usually click on the right-hand corner where you can see the logo of the anti-virus, right-click on the logo and disable or pause protection in this case(ESET)..

Disable Antivirus in windows

Optimize Startup programs

After using the laptop for some time, there can be a lot of software that starts automatically during the system startup process when you turn your laptop on. This can drain a lot of valuable system resources that can be crucial in making sure your music production with Ableton runs smoothly.

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How to disable unnecessary startup apps

go to ‘settings>Startup’ and you can see all the apps that is going to startup when Windows starts. Make sure to disable apps that are not needed

Disable Startup apps in windows 10

Disable windows Visual effects

All those fancy visual effects you see on windows 10 have an impact on processor cycles and memory usage. To make sure that you free up all available resources to Ableton, you can disable those windows visual effects.

How to disable visual effects in Windows 10

Go to ‘control panel >system and security>system’ .

Then click on the advanced system settings from the right-hand side menu. Then select the ‘advanced’ tab on ‘system properties ‘ window and click on the ‘Settings’ button near performance.

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And select ‘Adjust for best performance’ and then can see that all those checkboxes for animations will be turned off. You may then select any animation that you can not live without.

Selecting performance level in Windows 10

But I suggest you uncheck all for best performance based on the type of system configuration you have on your laptop.

Adjust the background apps in Windows 10

You will be surprised to see that there is a lot of unnecessary apps that are running the background taking system resources that can be utilized by Ableton. You can disable all those apps from running in the background scooping up a lot of valuable resources

How to disable background apps in Windows 10?

Right-click on the start menu and click ‘settings’

Right click on Start Menu > click on Settings

In the find settings search bar, type background apps, and select background apps. Then you can see a list of Apps that are running the background using valuable system resources. Disable all apps that are not needed.

Just click on the button where it says on and and it will turn it off.

how to block ableton in firewall?

Sometimes you don’t want Ableton to update itself when you are conneected to internet. The best way toachieve this you can block Ableton in Windows firewall. Please follow the steps


1.Type ‘Windows Defence Security Centre’ in start menu and open

2. Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ , select ‘Outbound Rules’and then ‘New Rule ‘ in the next window.

3. Select Program from the next window. IN the next window ,click browse and select Ableton exe file .

4.And Select ‘Block the connection in the second window’ next and select all 3 3 networks- Domain,Private and Publick and click next

6.Give the rule a name and click ‘Finish’. This will block Ableton from contacting outside network when you are connecte dto internet.


We discussed a lot of methods to make sure that your laptop is better configured for your music production works with Ableton and how to make Ableton run faster. If you haven’t’ yet decided on a laptop for Ableton, check our guide. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions.


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